Adobe Volume Licensing (AVL) program members earn significant savings on Adobe software by purchasing more than one software license at a time. Whether you consolidate your organization’s software purchases into one comprehensive transaction or spread your purchases out over a two-year membership period, Adobe has a volume licensing program to meet your needs. No matter which program you choose, the more you order, the greater your potential savings.

Adobe Volume Licensing


Every time you make an Adobe Volume Licensing purchase, you earn points (one point is equivalent to approximately one U.S. dollar). This point system enables Adobe to use a common terminology worldwide, regardless of currency. The number of points you’ve earned determines the discount level for which you will qualify in your AVL program.

Adobe offers four program options, each with unique discount level structures. AVL Comparison Guide​

Each program offers special pricing for government and education customers.

AVL Discount Level Calculator


Adobe Value Incentive Program (VIP) ​

Adobe’s Value Incentive Program (VIP) is a new program that dramatically simplifies the licensing experience. This all-new subscription-based licensing program makes it easy to purchase, deploy, and manage Adobe products. VIP customers can immediately download and deploy available Adobe products under a subscription type payment plan with no minimum purchase requirements, discount levels, or large, upfront payment requirements. In addition, VIP has an Admin Console that enables customers to easily manage their licenses across their organization.

Adobe Enterprise Agreement (EA)

Adobe Enterprise Agreement (EA) makes it easy for customers to standardize on Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Suite software across their entire organization. With the Adobe EA, medium to large commercial and government organizations can earn significant discounts on volume purchases for a three-year term. Not only can EA help you more easily deploy and manage the latest Adobe software across your organization, but it also offers predictable pricing on software costs while reducing administrative management and IT workloads. 
​Beginning July 23, 2012, NEW customers enrolling in the Adobe EA program may:
  • Purchase licenses from multiple product families on one EA
  • Choose Presenter in addition to Acrobat and Creative Suites
  • Choose 100% Enterprise Wide coverage for any eligible EA product offering
  • Price lock will apply only to products ordered on initial order

Download the Adobe EA Update FAQ

Key features

  • The most substantial product discounts of any AVL program
  • Predictable pricing for three years
  • Minimum initial purchase of 100 new, upgrade, or upsell licenses for products in either the Acrobat Family, the Creative Suite Family, Presenter, or a combination to easily standardize software across the organization
  • Annual true-ups for adding additional licenses while minimizing administrative overhead
  • Additional discounts for customers who standardize on Acrobat software across 100% of the computers in their organization
  • Ability to apply points accrued from EA purchases to increase Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) discount levels*
  • Comprehensive support coverage to help you deploy faster, maximize productivity, and mitigate risks
  • Required Maintenance and Support coverage that provides automatic software upgrades
*Requires a CLP membership. Both existing and new CLP members can accrue CLP points for EA purchases. If you’re not already a CLP member, it is recommended that you join before you enroll in EA for maximum benefits.

Download the Adobe EA Overview

Transactional Licensing Program (TLP)

With Adobe’s TLP, your organization can take advantage of volume pricing with one easy purchase.
  • Savings over retail
  • Increased discounts as your order increases
  • One license certificate for all your serial numbers, units, platforms, and product licenses
  • No agreement to sign or negotiate
  • No minimum order quantity required
  • One place to keep track of your Adobe licensed software
Learn how Adobe’s TLP enables you to save money and maintain control of your volume licenses. (9 minutes)

Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP)

The CLP is a two-year membership program that offers the most significant savings on Adobe volume licenses

  • Significant savings
  • Quick and easy ordering
  • All orders during the term accumulate points, leading to deeper discounts
  • Affiliates worldwide can receive the same discount level and contribute to your purchase points total
  • Favorable renewal terms
  • Streamlined licensing administration and record keeping
  • NEW 10,000 Minimum Point Purchase Requirement

Learn about Adobe’s two-year membership program and its many benefits, including the most significant volume licensing discounts available. (10 minutes)  

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Download CLP Program Overview

Adobe Acrobat Enterprise Program

The Adobe Acrobat Enterprise Program (AEP) is a new enterprise licensing program designed to help organizations affordably standardize on Acrobat X software. AEP is offered through an Adobe Enterprise License Agreement (ELA), a licensing framework for enterprise-wide software acquisitions. By licensing Acrobat for 100% of your desktops in an ELA, your organization can take advantage of:
  • Volume discounts with a three-year price lock-in
  • An annual true-up, eliminating the need to track individual licenses
  • Lower total cost of ownership with a standardized desktop image
  • Reduced maintenance stemming from compliance, compatibility, and control issues
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