McAfee proactively secures systems and networks from known and as yet undiscovered threats worldwide. Home users, businesses, service providers, government agencies, and partners all trust McAfee’s unmatched security expertise and comprehensive proven solutions to effectively block attacks and prevent disruptions.

McAfee’s portfolio comprises desktop and server system protection and network protection products. The system protection products enable IT managers, desktop support managers and business application managers to ensure the availability and security of desktop and server systems as well as applications. The network protection products ensure the availability of network infrastructure at remote sites and branches via WAN, including backup of entire data centers.

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McAfee Protect Plus Licensing Program


Available for purchases of 11 nodes or more, McAfee® Protect Plus Licensing Program is an enhanced volume-licensing program providing customers of all sizes with a fast and easy procurement option for purchasing McAfee software licenses and support. This program combines a perpetual license with one year of McAfee Gold Technical Support (24/7). The McAfee reorder feature offers additional value by allowing customers to purchase additional software and support at their highest previous volume discount band.


  • Volume-discount rewards for larger purchases
  • Reorder option accommodates additional purchases
  • Allows budget flexibility
  • Gold Technical Support provides 24/7 technical support and software maintenance
  • Fulfilment through reseller of choice
  • Special pricing for academic and government institutions
  • Customer-friendly, transactional program
  • Customers of any size can take advantage of this program
  • Grant Letters distributed within 48 hours



​Band A ​11-25
​Band B ​26-50
​Band C ​51-100
​Band D ​101-250
​Band E ​251-500
​Band F ​501-1000
​Band G ​1001-2000
​Band H ​2001-5000
​Band I ​5001-10000
​Band J ​10001+


The reorder feature allows customers the ability to place additional orders at their highest volume-discount band (Protect Plus reorder band).  This allows McAfee to provide consistent and competitive band-level pricing to customers for their software security solutions.  All Protect Plus Program products are eligible to use the reorder feature.


The McAfee Protect Plus Licensing Program combines one year of 24/7, unlimited-incident technical support and software maintenance in a standard license combination offering.
McAfee Gold Technical Support provides rapid response to an issue or outbreak any time of day or night by certified support technicians. Gold Technical Support provides product updates and upgrades, 24/7 phone support, online services such as the McAfee Virtual Technician and chat support, product evaluations, and notifications for threats and updates.

Product updates/upgrades

Since the latest versions of your products are included with Gold Technical support, you remain secure
Daily updates of anti-virus signature files protect you from the latest threats

Telephone access to skilled technicians

  • 24/7 support with unlimited access and no need for named contacts
  • Regular updates on the status of open cases
  • Security certified support engineers
  • Remote debugging and re-configuration tools for rapid fault resolution
  • Support in 14 languages

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