Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is an advanced diagramming solution that can help you simplify, connect, and share information. It is ideal for IT professionals, developers, and people in other roles (such as business process roles, human resources [HR], and administration) who need to interpret, update, and share complex information about processes, infrastructure, and applications.

Microsoft Visio provides powerful tools for creating graphical diagrams and working with data without the need for advanced artistic or technical skills. Whether you are creating an organizational chart, network diagram, or process diagram, you can assemble the graphics you need from pre-drawn shapes. It also contains dozens of stencils and templates, such as for data center design, engineering, operations management, systems design, security planning, application design, website design, and much more.

Top 10 benefits of Microsoft Visio 2013:

  1. Jump-start diagramming with a diverse set of pre-drawn shapes and templates for IT, business, process management, and more.
  2. Find and access the features you need more quickly in Visio’s new, more intuitive user interface.
  3. Create and modify diagrams faster with new and improved tools and automatic drawing features.
  4. Simplify large and complex diagrams using Subprocesses and Containers to group related shapes visually and logically.
  5. Make your diagrams appealing and professional-looking in seconds with modern shapes and visuals, a rich gallery of themes, and Live Preview.
  6. Bring your diagrams to life with dynamic, data-driven visuals and shapes, connected to real-time data.
  7. Share interactive, refreshable, data-linked diagrams with others via their browser, with just a few clicks.
  8. Ensure accuracy and consistency across your organization using Diagram Validation to check diagrams against business rules and logic.
  9. Model SharePoint workflows in Visio, and then run and monitor them on SharePoint Server.
  10. Create actionable, visual mash-ups that combine rich Visio diagrams with other application services in SharePoint Server.

Which edition of Microsoft Visio 2013 is right for you? 

Visio Comparison Chart