The scope of end-user computing is expanding as the workforce adopts more and more devices and platforms that provide mobility and productivity anywhere. The result for IT is an increasingly complex and dynamic environment that’s hard to administer. VMware® Horizon™ Suite moves IT beyond these limitations allowing you to securely deliver and manage robust end-user computing across all devices.

Deliver the Freedom End-Users Want with the Safety and Control IT Needs

Consumer and cloud technologies have enhanced our lives with new kinds of efficiency and freedom. To achieve the same agility at work, employees are flooding the environment with a dizzying array of mobile platforms and devices—many of which are not integrated, secured, or managed at all.

IT is tasked with embracing and supporting this new technology landscape while bringing it under the umbrella of corporate governance, security, and control. Horizon Suite gives IT the technology and the means—by transforming siloed desktops, applications, and data into centrally managed services, securely delivered to end-users on the devices of their choice.

Horizon Suite empowers both IT and users with advantages that move the business forward:

  • Lower total cost of ownership of existing Windows PCs and applications
  • Robust and reliable end-user computing on any desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Centralized physical and virtual desktop management governed by business policies
  • Secure delivery of Windows, SaaS, and web applications on any desktop or mobile device

VMware Horizon Suite Components

VMware Horizon View Simplify desktop management, security, and control while delivering an optimum end-user computing experience across all devices and networks. Learn More
VMware Horizon Mirage Gain centralized, zero-touch physical and virtual desktop management with full native performance and flexibility for end-users. Learn More
​VMware Horizon Workspace Streamline the end-user experience and reduce costs with a single workspace for applications and data, delivered securely on any device. Learn More​