From a global perspective, the business intelligence (BI) market has become a growth area with high potential. From a domain perspective, telecommunications, finance, retail, insurance, manufacturing, and other industries are increasingly applying BI to increase both analysis and operational capabilities. BI is no longer just for senior management decision-making, but rather increasingly supports the daily operations and business functions of employees companywide.

SkyOne has both information technology specialists and industry experts with strong business domain knowledge that cover all aspects of BI. SkyOne BI experts not only help customers build and run systems, but also guide clients to select and purchase the right tools and applications, and assist with business change through the application of best practices. In doing so, SkyOne helps customers improve the effectiveness of IT investments and increase business value through data integration and analysis.

The SkyOne BI Solution Framework consists of four primary modules:

  1. Enterprise Consulting Service
  2. Enterprise Application Service
  3. Enterprise Data Service
  4. Enterprise Data Governance Service

Professional services include industry-leading business intelligence tools and practices:

  • Comprehensive platform for building BI services, including data integration, business reporting, KPI monitoring, data analysis, and analytics
  • Enterprise-class data center and management control services
  • Master data management services
  • Application performance management and data integration services
  • Data warehouse system upgrades and migration services
  • KPI management and business alarm indicators
  • Forecast modeling and optimization
  • Data warehouse evaluation and performance optimization
  • Change management and customer service
  • Technical support and maintenance services for products and services
  • IT planning

As a leading provider of Business Intelligence and enterprise performance management services, SkyOne’s consultants have successfully provided BI and data warehouse solutions for many Fortune 500 and other prominent companies. We use global project management and quality control methods to deliver timely and reliable services, professional project management, project execution, and business process optimization.

Applying advanced information technology to the entire enterprise not only enables the enterprise to obtain timely information, but also leverage the information for competitive advantage. We help you build a business analysis platform that enhances business growth by providing information for decision-making, and ultimately leading to increased business value.