In today’s competitive marketplace, Customer Relationship Management is at the core of driving new business and protecting profitable relationships. CRM solutions help companies close deals faster, increase transaction values, and improve customer service. At SkyOne, we help our clients stay ahead of the competition with innovative Customer Relationship Management processes and technology. Our cross-functional teams incorporate change management and business process management, while technology specialists deliver value-driven solution strategies and implementation.

  • Sales Transformation: SkyOne helps transform and improve the sales process through the application of technology. CRM solutions and consultation provided by SkyOne help improve the effectiveness of your sales force, optimize customer service, and maximize transaction values.
  • Price & Profit Optimization: Optimal pricing strategies are necessary in today’s competitive markets and global customer bases. SkyOne CRM solutions help clients maximize profitability through optimized price management.
  • CRM Package Implementation: SkyOne provides full lifecycle CRM implementation services. We design, build, deploy and support CRM solutions tailored to client needs
  • CRM Package Migration: SkyOne provides expert project planning and implementation services for migrating from an existing CRM application to a new solution. With a phased migration approach, critical business processes are fully maintained as we provide a smooth transition of applications and platforms.
  • CRM Strategy and IT Planning