SkyOne provides high quality IT consulting, system integration and software development services to leading enterprise companies. We have years of experience and excellent track records, specializing in cloud technologies, mobile solutions and enterprise systems design & development. In addition, we bring a team of a Java and .NET programming experts to provide valuable services to our clients.

In SkyOne, we found our development services on crafting custom web based applications that meet the unique challenges faced by your organization. We have rich expertise in business process and enterprise applications development.

Business Process Automation

Software development is highly used in today′s organizations for the automation of various business processes e.g. payroll management; generation, processing, maintenance & monitoring of various trade applications e.g. loans, reimbursements, collections etc.; billing & inventory management systems; library management systems, report generation systems and many more.

SkyOne provides web based solutions to automate your business processes by creating a business friendly user interface at the front-end which is supported by a strong & scalable application architecture and robust database at the back-end. Our customized solutions help you maximize your returns by reducing the operational costs by freeing up time for you and your staff to concentrate on the areas of your business where their skills are really needed. This leads to increased productivity of your business with maximized profits.


Business Data Management / Data Analytics Applications

There is lot of data generated during various business processes. Managing such huge amount of data manually is a time-consuming & tough task which is highly prone to human error. There are chances of storing the redundant & incorrect data as well. Analysis of data stored in this way is next to impossible.

SkyOne provides web based software applications to automate the management and analysis of data generated during various business processes e.g. sales generation data, audit data, employee records data maintenance, data generated during a survey or market research analysis etc. Our data analytics tools enable accurate & non-redundant storage of data, its analysis, and generation of various kinds of reports e.g. monthly sales reports, audit reports, market research analysis reports etc. This is all achieved by integrating the programming application architecture with a robust & stable database management system (DBMS). So by using our software solutions, you and your employees can save lot of time and effort thereby increasing productivity.